All swimmers must register at the Fitness Center Desk before entering the pool area. Guest fees will be charged to the account of the Member bringing the guest.


Youth Policies

  2. Children 7-13 years may be at the pool without a parent during GUARDED hours, but the parent must be on property and accessible.
  3. Children 6 years and younger must ALWAYS have a parent in attendance.
  4. Swimmers 14 years and older may swim at their own risk during UNGUARDED hours.
  5. ALL swimmers must check in at the fitness desk.

Running, pushing, rough housing and playing tag in the pool area are prohibited. Rubber tubes, balls, rafts and other pool toys are allowed only at the lifeguard’s discretion. Balls must never be thrown more than 1/2 of the width or length of the shallow pool. 

The wading pool is for the enjoyment of the younger non-swimmers. Children over the age of four (4) are not permitted in the wading pool. Children must be supervised by an adult while in the wading pool. 

The steps and love seat are not a play area for the non-swimmer. Parents of a non-swimming child must be within an arms length of their child. Children in this area must be supervised by an adult. Hanging onto and swinging from the handrail is prohibited. No food or beverage is allowed within 4 feet of any of the pools.


No Lifeguard On Duty

When no lifeguard is on duty, lap swimming is at your own risk. The pool will be open for lap swimming for those age 14 and older during specified hours when there is not a lifeguard on duty. Swimmers 13 years and younger must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. 

Swimming Laps

Swimming laps will be permitted any time the pool is open. Lane lines, pace clock, kick boards, and pull buoys are available upon request. Please circle swim, two people per lane.



Lifeguards are on duty for the safety of the Member, their family, and guests. The lifeguard’s primary duty is to prevent and care for accidents. They are also on duty to maintain an orderly and safe environment in the pool area. Lifeguards will eject anyone from the pool whose behavior puts themselves or others at risk. Disrespectful, abusive or foul language will also result in being ejected from the pool. 


  1. Weak or non-swimmers are not allowed on the diving boards.
  2. Only one person allowed on a diving board at a time.
  3. Only one bounce is allowed on the diving boards.
  4. Absolutely no diving or jumping off the side of the diving board or towards the side of the pool.
  5. No inward or reverse dives are permitted.
  6. While walking to the end of the diving board, one must hold onto the railings.
  7. Diving from the side of the pool is permitted only in water of over 6 feet in depth or designated areas.
  8. No walking on the bulkhead.

Locker Rooms

Locker Rooms are provided for the convenience of our Members and their guests. Children are not allowed to play and/or loiter in the Locker Rooms. Damage to the locker rooms may result in loss of swimming or membership privileges. Locker rooms are not to be left in a disorderly state. Please put away all personal items.



Please assist our staff in picking up loose bobby pins, cups, straws, and other personal debris and disposing of this material in the trash cans.


Sick/Injured Swimmers

Admission to the pool will be refused to anyone having any contagious disease or infectious condition. Band-Aids, adhesive tape and other bandages should be removed before entering the pool.