Cardio Fit – Be ready to elevate your heart rate. Endurance training at it’s best. Increase your cardiovascular and muscular endurance. This class encourages body weight exercises light to moderate strength training, and calisthenic exercises. Be prepared to get STRONG internally and externally.

Boot Camp – Anything goes! Prepare yourself for a workout filled with variety.  It will test your physical and mental strength.  This class combines strength, agility and endurance.  If you want increased endurance and strength this is the class for you.

Yoga, Power Yoga and Traveling Yoga - Yoga is designed to enhance vitality and sense of well-being. You will achieve improved flexibility, balance and posture.  The variety of yoga offers different paces, but all designed to help strengthen core, as well as lower and upper body.  Traveling yoga will be held in different parts of the club both inside and out.

Spin – Cycle your buns off and get legs of steel!  This class offers an amazing cardiovascular workout, with definite leg and core strengthening benefits.  Burn some major calories.  1 hour will fly by when you’re rocking out to music and videos.

Silver Shoes –This class is low impact and low intensity.  In this class you will utilize chairs, resistance bands, and light dumbbells.  Specifically designed for the older crowd, but not limited to. This class could also be great if you’re coming back from injury where you need to start slow and steady.

Barre – Use your muscles in a unique way.  This class integrates interval training, isometrics, and the science of Physical Therapy to create an intense muscle burn.  Low impact and slower controlled movements create muscular endurance and flexibility. Be ready to burn baby!

Junk Drawer – This is your anything goes class.  You’ll get a mix between boxing, weight training, plyometrics,, calisthenics, and just about anything the instructor can come up with. You will increase strength, power, and gain confidence! An hour class will burn tons of calories, build muscle, and character! J

Water Exercise – Want the benefits of exercise without the impact?  Water exercise is a great workout without the impact and stress on your joints. Great for any age! 

Pilates - This class is a body conditioning routine that will help with flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance in legs, abdominals, arms. hips, and back.  It puts emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing, and developing a strong core, as well as improving balance and coordination.